For some support cases it is required to send log files to us so that we can identify the problem and help you solving it.


Please follow the following steps to provide a log file to us:


1. Activate Log Functionality

On your desktop, click the arXshare client shortcut with the right mouse button and select Properties:

turn on logging - select properties of shortcut


In the target field add “ /logging:9” to the existing path. Please make sure that there is a space before the /logging parameter:

turn on logging - an logging parameter


The logging parameter allows the following options:

  • 0: no logging
  • 5: logging of all events, except of user passwords and crypto keys. With this option, support has no knowledge of your data.
  • 9: Full logging. For severe problems, we will ask you to turn on full logging. This will store passwords and crypto keys in the log file. We therefore recommend that you change your password before you turn on logging, and change it again after turning logging off again


2. Reproduce the Problem

Now please start the client by double clicking the short cut and reproduce the problem. Then close the client and repeat step 1, delete the /logging parameter again from the shortcut.


3. Sending the Log File

The logging parameter has caused arXshare to create a log file in your arXshare folder. Please open the Windows explorer and locate your arXshare folder. In it there is a hidden folder “.arxstore” (make sure you have enabled to see hidden folders in your Explorer settings). Locate the file “\.arxstore\.logs\client.log, and send it to our support.


turn on logging - send in log files