What are the system requirements for arXshare?

arXshare requires a Web server with PHP 5.3 or higher. No admin rights, module installation or database is required. Download the arXshare server and client here.


How do I install arXshare?

  1. Download the installation script “install.php” from this page
  2. On your Web server, create a new directory, for example “arxshare”, and upload install.php to it.
  3. In your browser open http://www.yourserver.com/arxshare/install.php.
  4. The installation wizard will help you to configure your arXshare.
  5. Then download the client setup and install the Windows client
  6. Enjoy sharing …

Check out our 5-minute installation-guide video here.


How do I configure arXshare?

To change any settings, configure users, or check for updates, open the admin console of your installation at the URL