Software Update – Version

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The following updates and fixes are available in the new version:

  • feature: arXshare server – new button “test mail” that will send a test mail and in case of errors show details
  • feature: arXshare server – if there is an smtp error during user creation, the error is shown
  • feature: arXshare server – admin-console now shows hints for all fields
  • update: arXshare server – PHP Mailer from versionĀ  5.2.1 to version 5.2.4
  • update: arXshare server – Bootstrap update from version 3.1.1 to version 3.2
  • fix: arXshare server – during admin logout closing the session caused an php warning
  • fix: arXshare server – corruption config.dynamic.php when port is not entered numeric
  • fix: arXshare server – admin-console refreshed also if there was an error during adding a user


Please download the arXshare server from our download page.